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Gentlemen, are you suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction? 

If you’re experiencing any, or all, of the following syndromes, then you may need to do something about your penile problem:-

First, do you have a soft erection that is incapable of penetrating your partner? 

Second, are you unable to sustain an erection? 

Third, are you unable to “rise to the occasion,” so to speak, whenever your partner is in the mood? 

Fourth, do you find yourself ejaculating ever before your partner starts to warm up? 

And fifth, are you unable to please your partner’s sexual desires these days, unlike before when you knew how to make her happy in bed? 

Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter. If you can’t keep it up when it needs to be up, or worse, if you can’t keep it up at all, you may experience more problems than humiliating encounters with your bed partners. 

Your confidence may take a severe hit, and with it, the other important facets of your life. Even worse, erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of graver, more devastating medical conditions, and, if left unchecked, can lead to some very dire consequences for your health. 

Consider these facts... 

27% of divorce cases are caused by the male partner’s failure to satisfy his wife in bed. 

More than 7% of manic depression cases among males are caused by a frustrating sex life... or lack thereof. 

More than 54% of cases involving low self esteem among males are caused by a pervasive feeling of sexual inadequacy. 

Erectile dysfunction is a far more common problem than you think. Studies show that erectile dysfunction affects one out of every three males worldwide. This is a staggering number that comprises almost a billion people all over the world. 

What does this mean? 

If you have yet to suffer from some form of penile problem, then you have a 33% chance of developing erectile issues in the coming years. It can cause severe emotional, social, and relational issues as well. 

These issues range from feelings of low self-esteem, lack of confidence for even the most basic of challenges, relationship problems caused by the male’s inability to satisfy the needs of her partner, bouts with depression, development of anti-social behavior, and so much more. 

Furthermore, erectile dysfunction can have some serious medical repercussions as well. Your penis’ failure to get up may be your body’s way of telling you that something is terribly wrong with your system... such as blocked arteries, cardiovascular disorders, poor blood circulation, and prostate problems among others. Indeed, erectile dysfunction is something that you should take very, very seriously. 

Today, modern medicine prescribes a variety of drugs that professionals say can cure erectile dysfunction. However, these drugs are merely illusory in nature. Though they can help you get it up when it needs to be up, such a remedy is only temporary. 

Once the medicine wears off, you’ll be right back to where you started. Worse, dependency on these medicines can develop, and such can only make it harder for you to get it up without the aid of these drugs.

Additionally, these drugs are synthetic. Their artificial ingredients can cause a variety of harmful side effects... some of which can be quite fatal for people suffering from particular medical conditions such as hypertension and cardiovascular issues. 

What makes things even more complicated is that these drugs are very, very, VERY expensive. Unless you’re supremely rich, it will be very difficult to afford these drugs to support you with every lovemaking session. 

As a result, only a mere 4.7% of people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction can take - and can afford - these prescribed medications. 

Don’t lose hope. You can say goodbye to erectile dysfunction and all types of male sexual problems once and for all... and you won’t even have to spend a fraction of what you’d normally spend for the drugs available today! 

But curing erectile dysfunction does not have to be expensive. More importantly, curing erectile dysfunction does not have to be temporary. 

Finally, you can say goodbye to erectile dysfunction and other related sexual issues... FOREVER! 

Believe me, if you're looking for a solution to your erectile problems and want to... 

Get rock hard erection as and when you need it. 

Turbocharge your libido and extend your sexual experience. 

Achieve the most intense & satisfying orgasms possible. 

Allow your partner to reach orgasm/multiple orgasm before you do or last as long as you want. 

Satisfy her the way SHE desires. 

Be a SEX GOD. 

Then you have come to the right place. 

Presenting... Kandi Plus

The All-Natural Solution For All Types Of Erectile Problems 

Kandi Plus is an ultra-potent, ultra-effective health supplement that has helped hundreds of thousands of males all over the world in overcoming their erectile problems for good! 

Kandi Plus is safer than any prescription drug and at the same time has better immediate and long-term effects when compared to Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. 

Kandi Plus is a delicious male enhancement drink, just mix Kandi Plus with a glass of cold water and it tastes good. No pills or tablets to swallow

With Kandi Plus, you can have rock hard erection that is sure to impress your partner! 

With Kandi Plus, you can enjoy heightened libido and sexual stamina that will immediately rejuvenate your sex life! 

With Kandi Plus, you can once again experience the sexual vigor of your youth, and start feeling like a young adult in bed! 

With Kandi Plus, you can please your partner with the most intense, mind-blowing and explosive orgasm she has ever had! 

With Kandi Plus, you can even make your partner achieve multiple orgasms like never before, as you will have the energy to keep going... and going... and GOING the whole night long! 

With Kandi Plus, you can satisfy your partner, anytime, anywhere she wants! 

With Kandi Plus, you can be a “WINNER” in bed... and in many other aspects of your life! 

Come reclaim the self-confidence you think you’ve lost! 

Kandi Plus is the perfect fusion of Ancient medicinal 

knowledge and modern technology.

Kandi Plus™ is a Ultimate Solution to your Erectile Problem... 

That's because Kandi Plus™ contains the following amazing ingredients… 

Kandi Plus™ Ingredients 

Kandi Plus™ ingredients consist of 100% natural herbs. This important fact gives you the confidence to useKandi Plus™ without the worries of the unwanted side effects and health risks of RX drugs. 

Kandi Plus™ is safer than any prescription drug and at the same time has better immediate and long-term effects when compared to drugs. 

Kandi Plus™ ingredients are as below... 

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Amazing Ingredient #1 
Eurycoma Longifolia Extract

Eurycoma Longifolia or Tongkat Ali has become popular for its alleged testosterone-enhancing properties. It has therefore been included in some herbal supplements for bodybuilders. Eurycoma longifolia is a nature gift from the heaven that helps men or women to increase their sex hormone testosterone. Most Asian know about what is Tongkat Ali and its purpose just like Viagra. Tongkat ali increases the  levels of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is primarily responsible for the growth and development of male reproductive organs, including the penis, testicles, scrotum, prostate, and seminal vesicles. Normal testosterone levels maintain energy level, mood, fertility, and sexual desire.  

Amazing Ingredient #2
Harny Goat Weed Extract

Horny Goat Weeds Extract , it is an herb that has been a traditional remedy in China for centuries. It’s used for low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue & pain Epimedium, the active component of horny goat weed, appears to act as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, similar to some drugs used for ED. What’s more, many study indicated that horny goat weed could theoretically work better -- and cause fewer side effects -- than current drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Amazing Ingredient #3

L-Arginine can dramatically increases desire for sex, provide more pleasurable sexual experiences, promotes greater endurance, and helps men achieve longer and more intense orgasms. L-Arginine promote production of Nitric Oxide in our body. Nitric oxide helps to relax and dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to penis and help them become fully engorged and this dramatically increases your sensitivity and enjoyment. But that's not all,. According to a study conducted at Canada's University of Alberta and published in Advances In Experimental Medicine and Biology, rising nitric oxide also help to lower blood pressure, something long associated with sexual dysfunction, by relaxing your arteries and help restoring your youthful elasticity

Amazing Ingredient #4
Polyrachis Vicinia Extract

Polyrachis Vicinia is a species of Ant. This substance is harvested from a rare specie of ants, and is known to stimulate cellular regeneration as well as improve one’s strength and stamina for every activity. Polyrachis Vicinia Extract will provide you with the sexual vigor you need to last in bed!

Amazing Ingredient #5
Maca Root Extract

Maca is a plant with a radish-like root that is used as a food and for medicinal purposes. Although maca is unrelated to the ginseng family, it has been dubbed "Peruvian ginseng" because it is used as a folk remedy to increase stamina, energy, and sexual function.Physicians in Peru have been using Maca in their practice for several years now, regularly prescribing maca to men with erectile problems and low libido. And they report excellent results. Scientists have finally begun studying Maca's remarkable sexual enhancing power and have isolated two components that make maca so powerful - the macamides and macaenes. It is reported that these 2 compounds macamides and macaenes affect your central nervous system in a way that enhances sexuality

Amazing Ingredient #6

U.S. clinical studies have shown that Bioperine® safely increases the absorption rates of nutrients that it is combined with. BioPerine® is an extract obtained from the black pepper fruit that is cultivated in the damp, nutrient-rich soil regions of southern India. The extract of piperine, called BioPerine® in the patented form, has been clinically tested in the United States. Studies with Bioperine® show that Bioperine® increases the absorption of coenzyme Q10 by approximately 30%, with some trials demonstrating a 20-fold increase in bioavailability. Bioperine® has demonstrated its effectiveness and been awarded serveral U.S. patents as a bioavailability enhancer (including # 5,536,506, # 5,744,161 and # 5,972,382).

How To Take Kandi Plus?

Mix one sachet (8g) with a glass of warm or cold water, stir well and serve immediately. Kandi Plus is an orange flavor drink that enable your body to absorb the powerful active ingredients quickly, without having to wait an hour for a pill to dissolve. The result is a faster, harder, longer lasting erection. 

For best result, take one sachet a day for first 3 days, then one sachet every 3-4 days. To be taken after meals.

Here's what FORMER ED sufferers
have to say about Kandi Plus™!

Enjoy solid erection as and
I need them!


I had almost forgotten what a rock hard erection felt like as I was struggling with my ED issues. Thanks god for Kandiplus, the wonderful discovery for treating Erectile Dysfunction. I am free of all those issues and can enjoy solid erection as and when I need them. I had almost lost hope, especially after trying those allopathic pills and other medicines.  Now, I am rediscovering my libido and sexual appetite!

Steven Henderson   
Jackson, Mississippi       

My wife is enjoying the most satisfying orgasms possible!

I never thought I could get free of my ED issue, especially after I had given up, trying out everything. My friend suggested Kandiplus, a 100% all natural solution for all types of erectile problems. I took the health supplement a little reluctantly at the insistence of my wife. Today, we are glad we believed in Kandiplus and my wife is enjoying the most satisfying orgasms possible.  I sincerely thank my friend Mark and Kandiplus.
Anthony Morgan              
Santa Rosa, California         


No longer have to face any more of those humiliating encounters!

For me, erectile dysfunction was no laughing matter.  I had lost a couple of girlfriends and I don’t blame them. My sex life and love life was a complete disappointment and I was only 32. My doctor had given me some allopathic drugs but they were not giving the desired results. Thank god for Kandiplus, now, I no longer have to face any more of those humiliating encounters with my bed partners.

Christopher Bailey      
Port Saint Lucie, Florida            


Kandi Plus overcome my age old erectile problems!

I suggest Kandiplus for all those men still struggling with their ED problems. The
ultra-potent and ultra-effective health supplement has helped me overcome my age old erectile problems. I had given all hopes and had learnt to adjust with my issues, but not any longer now! My wife is very happy and I am free of all the stress and problems I had been facing all these years due to ED.

Jason Rogers 
Tempe, Arizona

No longer avoiding girls!

I really thank god that I came across Kandiplus on web. My confidence had hit rock bottom and I had started avoiding girls. My friends were starting to believe that I was gay. I was perhaps a worse victim of erectile dysfunction. But then, I started taking Kandiplus as it was 100% natural and herbal. Just after a few months, I am a changed, man today. My partners enjoy the most intense and explosive orgasm ever!

Michael Collins
Lancaster, California         

Kandi Plus brought back my self-confidence!

Kandiplus has brought my self-confidence back! My wife ordered the health supplement for me online. I agreed to take it as it was pure natural and a fusion of Ancient medicines. I wondered if it would really help me deal with the ED issues. Today, I can see the look of satisfaction on my wife’s face and all I do is secretly thank god for Kandiplus.

George Phillips
Sioux Falls, South Dakota  

Significant improvement !

I ordered Kandiplus for my patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. After all, it was purely natural and made of 100% natural herbs and there was no fear of side effects. I gave the supplement to 8 patients of mine and all of them have reported significant improvement in their issues with Erectile Dysfunction. I look at them and can tell that they are having the best time of their lives and are much more confident now.

Dr. Kenneth Mitchell
Torrance, California         


We ordered more Kandi Plus, it works!

I ordered Kandiplus for my husband, who was dealing with Erectile Dysfunction.I saw no harm as this was a 100% herbal Male Health formula that came with 90 days Money Back Satisfaction guarantee. Moreover it was very affordable. Well, needless to say, there was no need to return the supplement and my husband has even ordered more, after seeing a significant improvement in his condition.

Sally Parker
Hayward, California         

Kandi Plus™ is the one true answer to better sexual health!

Kandi Plus™ is the ONLY Erectile Dysfunction solution you’ll ever need! 

The truth is Kandi Plus™ is a Revolutionary Male Health formula but it's not an overnight miracle. That means you have to give it time to work for you. How long? 

Some Folks notice a difference in 1-2 weeks while others need a little longer. But you can be certain of this : It will work for you! 

Give Kandi Plus™ a fair try. If you don't notice a significant improvement in sexual health, simply return the unused portion - even if it's the last capsule - for a full refund.

I think that’s a fair way to give Kandi Plus™ a try… don’t you? All I ask is that after you see good result from Kandi Plus™, you drop me a testimonials & let me know how you’re doing 

That’s why today’s price is so low… But believe me, this offer will not last long 

"With Kandi Plus™, You Get At Least 10 Times Your Money Worth!" Well. 

You may be surprised that such a benefits-laden product doesn’t cost you $150, $100 or even $50. The price for a 30 day supply of Kandi Plus™ cost you only $33

This means that Kandi Plus™ actually cost you approximately $1.10 per day, less than the cost of a Starbuck coffee, an affordable price that are sure to fit into even the tightest budget. 

Once you’re onboard, take a full 90 days to test drive Kandi Plus™, if during the first 90 days of taking Kandi Plus™, you’re not happy with the product for ANY REASONS, then ask for your money back and you will get a FULL refund with no questions or hassles whatsoever 

" Take Full Advantage Of The 100% 90 days No String Attached Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee...."

If within 90 days, and for any reason whatsoever, you feel that Kandi Plus™ is not for you, Just return Kandi Plus ™ to us, and we’ll refund you immediately, no question asked!. 

What are you waiting for? The answer to your erectile problems is here! 

Kandi Plus Review

2g X 10 sachets
( To be taken Sublingual)

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